Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Auspicious Beginnings

Ok, I've started one of these
blog dealies,
I better write me something.

Here we go.

Any minute now.

Ok, how about this:
i saw the greatest minds of my generation
shit, that's taken.

I don't even like Ginsberg.


Ok, balls to it, I give up.

But I'll be back, you fuckers,
back to construct dazzling towers of words,
staggering and labyrinthine creations,
wheels within sparkling wheels
of adjectives and nouns
that whistle from the sky like bombs
and burst in a shower of images
that rock the very foundations of language as we know it,
a revolution of metaphor and simile
putting unsuspecting syllables to the guillotine,
words like bullets,
words like open wounds,
words like...


shit, I lost it.